Oceania Express: A Boy and His Dream

Oceania Express: A Boy and His Dream

Hello everyone. A few months ago there was a huge buzz about a boy who wrote a letter to the CEO of Qantas. Now, this was no normal letter. This was a letter to create a dream, a dream of an airline. A groundbreaking airline that could link service between Australia and Britain directly. This boy had a passion and eventually signed a deal to start it once he was out of school. Some said it was a lie, others devoted their time to this kid. Now, a time later, we remember this kid and his dream.


Many held sympathy and encouragement for this boy to achieve his dream. This boy was named Alex Jacquot, and he had a dream. A dream to start his own airline. so what did Alex do, he did what most could not and wrote a letter to a top exec at Qantas. To be exact the CEO, he began by saying “Please take me seriously” and continued.


In the future the boy met with the CEO of Qantas, this was after his letter blew up all over the news. Eventually, he and the CEO (Alan Joyce) created the Future High Flyers program. Alan also signed Alex to an agreement where he would fund his new airline and would start critical routes from Sydney throughout the world.

Even I joined in on helping this kid achieve his dream by making a livery request for the new A350 coming soon.
I wanted to help this kid achieve his dreams. And after a while, we found his actual livery. And altered it. We reached out to Qantas to start things up with them. However, a few months later I realized something that would change my thought of things.

I thought for a long while and realized that it could have been a lie. A lie made by Qantas to gain fame and eventually boost sales. But later, I realized that if it were a lie, then it was a very big one. I realized Qantas would not do that or put the effort to do it. So I rethought and realized that this kid truly had a dream and wanted to achieve it.

Now, I feel that this kid really did have a dream, and really still wants to start an airline. And I back him 100%. I feel we need to join as a community and continue to support this kid and his dream. So to Alex, I say good luck and see you soon to you and your airline. I hope to see you hopping the pond soon.

Happy flying Alex, Happy Flying.


Wow. That’s pretty awesome

Why do I feel like there was an explosion of letters to airline CEOs after this?

I hope everything goes well for him.


Because there was.


And if you want to. Please vote for this topic. I want to make this boy’s dream come true in real life and IF.


This is great, another airline! The more the better! I hope when alex’s Airline starts, it’s successful, I wish him the best in his CEO dreams.

Awwwwww he’s so adorable!

I still stand by my original statement.

Couldn’t find a news report dated after march.

While this is “adorable” and “cute”, a 10 year old wanting to start an airline, it is in no way serious. It was just another way to stir up some news coverage by Qantas. They obviously have received letters just like the one he sent many times before.


This is just amazing…

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That’s so cool, what a way to start an airline!

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