Oceania Express 787-9

Today, Oceania Express CEO went behind the scenes with the CEO of Qantas, where they made a new livery, and signed a codeshare agreement to start in 2026, when the young CEO is done Highschool. I propose we add it to IF

Official Livery:

(source: Qantas via Instagram)

Oceania Express Website:

Please note th website is under construction by the CEO and Qantas

Wow. The least they could’ve done was at least change the livery design a bit. In my respective opinion, to me, it’s just a green re-brand of the Qantas livery. Yes, I’m aware this is a code-share agreement, but a fresher look would be cool too. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly like the livery, but all I’m saying is that a different design concept would’ve been nice to see. Also, I’m sure it will be at least a decade before we see this in IF. By then, some of us might move on to different simulators or even lose interest in aviation…

And, is this requesting the livery on the 787-9? If so, you should make that clearer with your request.


This kid is truely amazing. Let his dreams come true. I hope he saw our designs. Good luck Alex!

To be honest… I’ll inevest

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He made them himself during a meeting with the CEO of Qantas! 100% Accurate!

Wait so this will be a legitimate airline in 2026?

Yes. They have a codeshare with Qantas (the real one) To start the airline.

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I definitely agree with you on the livery front. Interesting concept though - good luck Oceania Express

So, Qantas is going to help this kid start his airline when he finishes High School?


Yes! They signed a codeshare agreement yesterday to start the airline with Qantas in 2026


Ok, got to go, I’m going to go write a letter to the C.E.O of Qantas 😂


😂 Air Canada and WestJet here i come!

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I would too, if I had 100,000 dollars laying around.


I’m so glad for this kid, but it makes me sad that none of my dreams have come true


Bumping this, I really hope his airline will do well With Qantas! I hope all the very best for him!

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So the CEO is a high school student? What grade level are they. Because unless high school in Oceania is longer than in the U.S the latest they’ll graduate is 2023. Unless they are younger than that. Cool livery though

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The kid is like, 10.

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Another 10 years before he can properly look after his airline.

Geez, how rich is his parents?