Oceania Celebration (ft. Qantas 100th)

Greetings! As we all know Qantas is celebrating their 100th anniversary today. I’d like to share some shots related as to celebrate this special day! Enjoy!

Several flights / Expert Server

Qantas 💯 @ Uluru

Qantas 737 passing Azerbaijan

Virgin Australia landing Alice Springs

Oceania’s 77Ws

Fav shots?
    1. 380 X Uluru
    1. 737 X Azerbaijan
    1. 737 X Window View
    1. 737 X Rwy
    1. 77Ws
    1. 77W X Lunar

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Thanks for viewing my post! Do you like the these shots? Any pictures you’ve taken during today’s flight? Share with us!

Safe flight, happy landings, and we’ll meet again in the next post ;)


I don’t know what you mean. It’s still the 15th here! Haha great photos!


lol the Earth is rotating all the time ;) It’s already 16th 0933 in Hong Kong & noon in AU!

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Glad you like it! :)


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