Ocean1c's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

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Server - Training Server




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Sorry my first tracking thread didn’t know

I’ll stop by callsign Russian

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see ya there thanks in advance

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I’m coming! IF-SB110

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Sorry disconnected comming back now

[CLOSED] Thanks to everyone who stoped by feedback appreciated

Hi, thanks for your service at UUEE! I was AFKLM363.

Nice session! You did great. Nice sequencing and clearances given at the correct time. Also good usage of line up and wait & you gave the exit runway instruction at the right time.

I have a little bit of feedback

  • No need to include a left/right traffic instruction everytime you give a clearance for the option, this instruction is most of the time included in the takeoff clearance. Only give a pilot a left/right traffic instruction after the option if you want the pilot to change direction, or after a runway change

  • When an aurcraft requests to switch runways, or if you want an aircraft to switch runways: always give a new pattern entry instruction. For example when I requested a change to 24L you should’ve given me the instruction to ‘enter left downwind rwy 24L’ and then the clearance

Anyways, good job!

Thanks, will try to incorporate that in my next ATC session

Here’s some feedback from my experiences :)

  • Clearances. No need to always include what traffic pattern to make after the option. It’s assumed that they will be staying like that for their patterns. It is only required upon a runway change (which I did one, more on that next) and if something is changing/you want something to change (e.g. moving from right to left traffic).

  • Minor thing: you cleared me for the option after I reported that I am making a full stop landing. As I was not already cleared for the option, you would give me a landing clearance, not a ‘cleared for the option’ again. If I was already cleared for the option, you wouldn’t need to correct it as a cleared for the option message includes full stop landings, touch & goes, stop & goes or a low overpass.

  • Runway change: you didn’t give me a pattern entrance command. You should have told me to enter left/right downwind for my chosen new runway, and a sequence if necessary (which it wasn’t on this occasion). Then for the clearance, clear me for the option and give a new traffic pattern (which you did just fine, however a minor note on that next).

  • Minor thing: it would have been ideal to make right traffic/enter right downwind on runway 34C, as taking off on this runway could cause conflict between other aircraft taking off on 34L. Also, it would have made it less confusing, as having both runways traffic on the one downwind could be confusing.

I suggest you watch/rewatch some of the video ATC tutorials. Other than that, you did alright! Good luck in future sessions.

Thanks for taking time and giving me such detailed feedback I will make sure to include it in my next sessions.

Status OPEN

Airport - UUWW
Server - Training Server

LD RW 24 and 01
DP RW 24 and 01

If you have time come by and say hello

I’ll stop by for couple pattern

So I was PATTERN guy and here are issues you make.

  1. My first touch & go why do you clear me for the option twice,

  2. When I request runway change to runway 1 also runway 24 you didn’t give me a direction to enter left or right downwind you just clear me for the option runway 1 and runway 24 When pilot request for runway change you have to give a pilot a direction to enter left or right downwind before you clear him/her for the option

  3. I announced myself on right downwind runway 24 Full stop and you clear me to land runway 24 but before I announce myself you already clear me for the option so no need to clear me to land agian Clear for the option is clear the pilot to tuch & go, full stop, fly by, all you have to say is “Roger”

Good job keep working

Thanks for your feedback

Status OPEN

Airport - ULLI

LD RW 28R and 28L
DP RW 28R and 28L

Will be open for about an hour

I will be down

see ya there

Closed due to lack of traffic