Ocean Tracks gone?

Where are the ocean tracks?I can only see the track Z

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Please see the following reply. I assume this is what you’re experiencing.


Oceanic Tracks are released per the demand in real life, therefore you won´t always see many different Tracks across the Pacific/Atlantic. You can find quite a bit more info on them here:

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I think these are updated on RL data.

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Ah okay,didn’t know that.Thank you very much!

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Every once in a while you might not see very many ocean tracks or maybe one going EGLL-KDFW. It is just based on what is going on IRL.


Alright,cuz I just wanted to go to from eddf to kjfk over night,but this track doesnt work for me somehow,if I add the track to my FL it creates the waypoints but the line goes to the end of it,idk if that is a bug or smth.Anyways I will wait for the other ocean tracks.

No, not a bug. Basically, here’s how it works…
In real life, tracks are based off of demand. Most airlines want to leave Europe in the morning (UTC) to arrive in the evening (UTC) in North America. Then , more airlines want to fly from North America in the late evening, arriving in the morning. That’s why you might have noticed that all the flights are in one of these times and directions.

So, the tracks adapt to this. Shanwick and Gander ( the ATC facilities primarily responsible for the NAOTS) set all the tracks to go westbound in the UTC daylight, and eastbound in the UTC night time. This is why the track goes the wrong way. So, you can either use a random routing, using GPS coordinates, or go the opposite way. Hope that explains it!

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@TrySpin Hey mate, would you mind doing as me and @MJP_27 mentioned earlier? Searching for existing topics instead of making one?



Yo,do we know when they will be back ?

Once the demand returns after COVID-19, We will likely see more then.

Basically from Europe you fly during daylight and from the US you fly during the night.

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