Ocean track times

At first,sorry for those many questions ^^

So are there specific times for those ocean tracks?
Cuz like 30min ago I looked and there was the track A ,but then 25min later,when I wanted to start a flight from Frankfurt to New York,the track was gone.
Are there any times or is it just randomly?

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I believe they’re updated every 12 hours, or based upon travel direction, weather changes, etc. The NATs in IF are updated based off of real world updates, and there aren’t really any set times as far as I’m aware.

Edit: you can take a look at this FAA NOTAM to keep up with active oceanic tracks.


Also to add to that I believe that they will add more based on demand in IF

If you look up the “track message” for the day, it will tell you the different tracks and when they are valid.

We definitely will see more NAT tracks both in real life and in IF (because IF uses real world data) once demand and air-travel pick up again.

Gander and Shanwick will add more in real life. Then that Data will appear in IF.

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