Ocean To Desert KEYW-KLAS

Hello Everyone! Today @DeltaFox hosted his Key West fly out so I though I would share some pictures of it, Enjoy!


Server: Expert

Route: KEWY - KLAS

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Flight time: 4:32

Heading West after departure from runway 9 at KEWY

Preparing for my descent into KLAS

Flying over the Grand Canyon and a Front shot as a bonus :)

Flying over Lake mead and preparing to do the runway 19R approach.

Exiting the runway at KLAS and parked up at the Apron

Huge thanks again to @DeltaFox for the Amazing event!


Great shots!!! I personally love Number 2. Thanks for sharing @Nightt!

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Loving the pics @Nightt once again thanks for coming today!

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Thanks! That one is my favorite aswell!

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