Ocean Ice

I was exploring the new scenery over northern Canada and Greenland and I noticed that the ice only extends briefly off shore. I was wondering if there was a reason for this?


Hmmm… not sure. Maybe just some icy waters 🥶 that’s a cool pic actually!

Also I believe this should maybe be in #live

Glacier, if you’re in northern Canada near the Hudson Bay it’s a glacier anywhere else it’s ice because northern Canada is freezing:)

Yes but it looks like in real life the ice would continue out further but the imagery just kind of fades out.

Since it’s not 3D I believe that would be a lower part of the ice before it drops off:)

Again, if you zoom in, it is pretty easy to see that the ice fades out. This can’t something about how the ice is. It looks like the developers blended the satellite imagery into a generic blue one.

When you view satellite in google maps for example, you can see the difference between the shore and international waters (where it goes an obvious tone of blue) chances are, they’ve just done the first area of the countries maritime area, and the rest is just default water. That’s my hypothesis, I’m no expert haha.

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