Ocean Dynamic Topography

@Wolfie, and @AlphaSeven, I think the earth is much more spherical than that picture leads on. That may show the sea floor, because the surface of the ocean is nearly perfectly flat. And none of the mountains extend that high into the sky. I wish I could tell you exactly what that picture is supposed to show, but no source was provided.

Like this is an actual picture, so it’s pretty spherical…

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Thats true, mate.

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True, and beautiful…

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Actually I found what I think is the image on the internet and it is what the surface of the ocean would look like without tides. An interesting case study, but not reality…

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Here’s the famous Blue Marble

As you can see, the earth looks perfectly round.

Here is a non exaggerated view of the earth topography :


And here is a little bit of reading for you my friend :


Thank you though, I learnt a lot of things this morning. I just thought that it looked wrong and we all know that water adapts to its container so the level will be pretty much all flat.

That’s why we hear about such things as water levels rising even though it seems like the Indian ocean could fit a little more glacier’s water huh


While the earth appears spherical in pictures, this is a more accurate assessment of the shape:


No vote for me, only because I think the added Topography would raise the standard for required device capability. It could cut simmers out then. People who cant afford high end devices that is.

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In some places, but I read on NASA’s website that the earth I slightly pear shaped.

Because of centripetal force mainly it’s a little flattened, bit fat around the equator. A lot of planests have this. Saturn actually have this to a very pronounced digree. Unfortunately we can’t see Saturn Straight on from Earth, but some of our probes have shown us, it’s very flattened. Still definitely a sphere though…