Ocean Dynamic Topography

What is ocean dynamic topography?
ocean dynamic topography, are highs and lows on the ocean surface, similar to the hills and valleys of Earth’s land surface depicted on a topographic map. These variations are expressed in terms of average sea surface height relative to the Earth’s geoid. The sea surface height (SSH) is calculated through altimetry satellites, which determine the distance from the satellite to a target surface by measuring the satellite-to-surface round-trip time of a radar pulse.


Why is this needed for infinite flight?
Ocean Dynamic Topography is useful in Infinite flight to make the flat boring ocean have depth to it. Making it 3d instead of 2d. It will make the world feel deeper and it should make it easier to bring back animated waves. Although we won’t be using the ocean unless flying boats are added it just makes flying over the ocean not so boring and bland.

This will definatly be difficult to bring in to the game but would be a great addition for a good looking game.

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This would be a good feature to have but not sure if the additional renders for the simulations will be to much for our devices to handle


Yes please! Can’t wait for submarines to be added! :)

In all seriousness, This would be an amazing but costly addition.


Infinite SubMarines 2019


I guess it is constrained by the computational budget…

Not to be a hater, but this is pretty useless in my opinion. As you note the sea level is not constant across the planet, but not in the same way a mountain rage is, or anything like that. It still looks pretty flat from above. If you ever flyover the ocean in reality it looks flat, eaven if it may be a small bit higher on one side of the planet than the other. The map you show also vastly overblows it. I think that map is of the ocean floor, because the surface varies by about 40 cm from it’s highest point to it’s lowest. It also wouldn’t really make it easier to add waves, the problem with the water texture is that it’s very hard for the devs to actually figure out whare there’s water and not water. In my opinion it just wouldn’t eaven be noticeable, but once we have other stuff figured out, maby we should start looking at this sort of thing for realism, but certainly not now…


Water effects needed to be added as well if you want to fly a seaplane or make a ditching in the event of emergency like this:
image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/56/Passengers_being_rescued_from_P2-PXE_after_it_crashed_on_28_September_2018.jpg/640px-Passengers_being_rescued_from_P2-PXE_after_it_crashed_on_28_September_2018.jpg

Why isn’t the real life earth shaped like this

I believe it is, shaped like the picture above.

So the earth is not a sphere. Thanks!

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