Occupied parking spot warning(for live)

Have you ever been in such a situation?

It is frustrating and sometimes hilarious.
But it would be nice if when one was to select an airport and a parking space to start from, there would be a warning if the parking is occupied as you select the parking to start from. It would bring realism and give ground controllers an easier time.

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Good idea, but it has been asked a number of times in a number of different ways.


Oh yeah. KLAX to be exact.

Thanks, I’ll refer to that topic. Let a mod close this topic.

Very similar topic here.


It’s should be considered a duplicate.

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Flight planning takes time

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It would be nicer if ground control told you to park in a certain spot and told you what taxi ways to go on because it also annoying when people race on the taxi way and drive through each other

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Man, you should try flying on Expert then you won’t have such incidents

Separate request please, plus it has already been asked for.

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