Occasionally unresponsive rudder


Since 23.3 update I have occasions when the rudder is unresponsive, meaning I can go full left or full right with my finger but nothing happens. If I’m taxiing it’s not healthy as it doesn’t let me turn the aircraft. This seemingly happens out of the blue and it returns to normal behaviour after a couple of seconds without any warning sign, and that leads to abrupt movements on the ground. It can also happen after landing, and with braking as well, meaning no matter how hard I pull my finger downwards on the rudder, it doesn’t brake, and than suddenly works just fine. Not very good when you have your runway end coming towards you. (autobrake functions normally).

To sum it up: it seems that sometimes for a few seconds the rudder is uncontrollable with finger tap left right and down. Than it returns to normal working order.
Has anyone had experience like that? Is this a known issue?

Device: Samsung Tab S9
Operating system: Android 13, One Ui 5.1.1
Settings: all on max.



Is there a way to reproduce the issue?

Could it be that you were already touching the screen with your other hand?

If you let go of the screen with both hands and then touch the rudder, does it work?

Are you also having the free cam control issue, which basically means that when you’re controlling the view with two fingers and let go with one of them, the other stops working as well?

That is/was an issue and I have to check when it was fixed and when it returned and was fixed again (in beta).

It might be related.

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your answer. I haven’t realised, but it might be the case that my other finger touches the screen as well. I’ll check it. I do everything the same way as before, and this wasn’t an issue. However I see why you’re saying this might be related to the free cam issue.
Yes, since 23.3 I do have issue with the free cam, first I just felt I’m more clumsy with setting it up. Again, I was doing everything as before but felt that something is off, but as you say it stops working when I let it go with one finger…

Is this a known issue under investigation by the devs?

The free cam issue has been fixed in the latest beta version, so the fix will definitely be available in the next official release.

I just returned home from the Paris meetup, but I’ll look into the rudder issue tomorrow and see what I can find.

If you have a way to reproduce it, it would really help.

The meet-up must have been fun!
Thanks, appreciate it. I did not find any regularity in it so far but will try my best to reproduce and see what conditions met when it occurs (if any… )

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Also, just bumbed into this topic. Seems to be very similar issue (i.e. non-responsive rudder) but this time on an ios device:


Ah, thanks for linking to that topic.

The meetup was great!! :)

I think that during testing I ran into the rudder issue during taxiing.
The aircraft suddenly went straight ahead instead of turning the way the rudder slider was moved.

At that time I was testing other issues and I wasn’t able to look into it further.
I will now though and I guess I’ll be taxiing a lot now. :)

By the way, it’s a known issue that the rudder gets stuck when the radio menu is opened, but that’s not what you’re talking about, right?

Are you using build 6281, 'cause it was fixed in that build.

I’m using whatever is that latest update available from play store. Does this shows the build number?

In your screenshot 6193 is the build number.
That is not the latest version!
2.3.3 (6281) is the latest one.

I’m wondering whether 6281 hasn’t yet been distributed through Google play store? If I check it on play store (UK region, not sure if that matters) it says that my app has been updated on the 30th Oct and there’s no more recent version…

I lost track of the versions.
As a beta tester I get many of them.

Build 6281 should have been released.
I’ll try to check it tomorrow.
It’s not as easy as you would think. ;)

Unfortunately, due to other Android related circumstances, build 6281 couldn’t be released yet.
The free cam issue has already been fixed in the build 6281.
Since the rudder issue is related to that issue, it should be fixed as well.
Hopefully that build can be released soon.


Thanks a lot for the info, really appreciate all your help.

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The latest news is that build 6281 unfortunately will not be released on Android.
Testing for behind the scenes changes is still going on.
This means that the fix (hopefully) for this issue will be included in 23.4.

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