Occasional weird "scratching" like sound at busy regions

Good evening/afternoon/morning IFC! I’d like to ask something quick: is it just me or is anyone else experiencing a weird “scratching” like sound occasionally when flying at busy regions ? Is it something that I can fix or is it device/IF software related ? Is this sound a sign that the app wants to crash ? I’m currently on iOS 17.4.1 (the latest iOS version) on my iPad pro 5th generation 12.9 inch.

Best regards, Michael


Good day, I have this a lot even when I’m flying at not busy airspaces. Out of all times , I crashed only 1 time.

I think clearing cache, turning down graphics and airplane count would help.

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Yes all these settings help indeed. I have everything to low and I clear my cache before every flight. That’s why I also crash so rarely. Also regularly checking and updating the device’s software should help. Cheers

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How dose the sound soud like when on take off

This is a known issue that our developers are working on. Nothing for you to do on your end at this time.