Obtained private pilot licence today

As described on title, 3 flight schools, 2 states, 1 licence, been betrayed, but stayed in the fight. 10/2/2017-1/5/2021. The job is not over yet. I need to get 3 more licences in 14 months.



Huge accomplishment. Any advise coming from a newly licensed pilot?

Congratulations on obtaining your private pilot license! Good luck in the future, getting your other 3 licenses!

Congratulations , you have an very bright future ahead of you !

What are those 3 other licenses? Are you talking about your MEL, CPL, and ATP?

Congratulations! Good luck on your career.

IR, CPL, ME, close enough.

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Err, I would recommend do not try to push out what you are capable of, just perform what you are usually do and you would do very well.

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Congratulations, a huge accomplishment. One of the biggest factors causing people to stop their training is experiencing hardships or delays in training outside of their control, so very impressive that you were able to stick to it and get it done. Now the real learning begins (IFR)!

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Congratulations! I hope to take my PPL test when I turn 17 in March. Assuming you live in the US, would you be ok if I sent you a message with some questions?

Congrats again, that’s a huge accomplishment 👏

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Many congratulations @ERAU_Hatsune

Hope your future career will thrive once the covid pandemic is over…

I have no doubt many aspiring pilots involved in IF will continue to take training after been involved in IF one way or another

Good for you!

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Time for your instrument rating! Have fun!

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Thanks everyone!

Congratulations!! 🎉Keep chasing. Nothing great comes easily!

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True, never surrender.

Well done, that is a huge accomplishment! Great work sticking to it, you totally earned it!

Congrats!! I’m at 38 hours right now. Let me know if you have any IFR ATC questions I am a qualified ATC radar sup for the US Navy, questions would help you and I. I also developed a flight planning tool in use by USAF and USN flight planning facilities for ICAO type flight plans.

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Hol’ up, what?!

visible confusion

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