Obstacle Height

I strongly suggest applying the height of the obstacles, at least in areas where there are mountain ranges. Not all have navigation charts, STAR, SID, or approach charts with MEA, MSA, MHA, MCA, etc.
Look at the pictures.image


where is the pictures?

What pictures…? And is this a feature request or?

I just upload the pictures. Yes, It’s a feature request (suggestion)

ATC can turn on terrain and when they mouse over the map while vectoring they can see the terrain height. They should be taking this into consideration already. I can’t guarantee this is the case on training server, but if there are issues with terrain collision on expert please let the controller know.

If you go to my profile, ther is a post where I was vectored from ATC controller (Expert Server) against the mountains at KPS (Holdin Pattern).

Please wait until you are a member (TL2) before posting a feature request

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Yes I remember this. It was someone new to approach and he has since been demoted for retraining.

I’m sorry for him, but I think that’s a good suggestion.

@Louis please don’t move a Trust Level 1/0’s post to #features

Hi, you have to be TL2 to post in features.

Please read more post to become TL2, as you are currently TL1


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