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Just a couple of minutes ago I was on Tower at EGLL. I always love to do it but after 20 minutes some guys just flew over the strip at low level with traffic on final or taking of, Guys who dont listen to ground and cross runways without permission. Pilots who just come in and land without any permission from approach or tower. I can keep on going with things that happend in just 20 minutes.

The last month is seems to get bad on the Training server because there is no way to do anything about it. It just takes a short time untill this is getting unplayable…

I sugest to give some people, who can be trusted by the Mods, admin rights and let them hop over to all busy airports to do anything about it…

We have to pay money every month to play the game, but if this continous I think it is not funny anymore…

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And please dont tell me to get to IFATC. I doesnt have to be like that. It must be playable at all servers.

This is a current feature on the expert server.
Ghosting is not enforced on the training server, only Expert.

It,s a bit normal on TS people who don´t cares about ATC.

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Ot doesnt have to be ghosting, but just that they can send a message wich appears in theyre screen or something

And thats how bad it already is. “A bit normal” …

If you would like to see that, you are more than welcome to make a feature request.

Though, there is a similar one:

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Yes, people like that exist. Also there are people who knows about ATC in TS

The bottom line is, the training server is a place to learn.
If you truly wish to fly with the serious users, fly on Expert.

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Yes but he was ATC, but he isn´t IFATC, so he can´t get to Expert Server.

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Yes you are right… but is should not be like how it is now. People just flew over the strip with M2…

That´s so true, it shouldn´t be like this.

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If they want to fly like someone without a head… just go to casual or fly at solo. I want to get more experience on tower but this is not working anymore. The same happens on Lax or EHAM

Albeit it being called TRAINING server, most players don’t train at all, especially at London Heathrow. Those players usually go 100% throttle while taxi, takeoff and land without clearance, taxi through other planes holding short of the runway,etc. The list just goes on and on, and there is nothing we can do on training server except ghosting, which isn’t nessesary. We just have to deal with these super unrealistic players. Hopefully in the future there will be a way to rid of all these annoying problems that some people just like doing.

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What everyone would say: There is nothing you can do

If that happened, most likely 2/3 of the aircrafts at EGLL would be invisible…

The game is playable at all servers. But you have to choose between three things:

  1. Casual → Pilots that might have just purchased Infinite Flight

  2. Training —> [Some] Pilots that don’t know what ATC and follow instructions means

  3. Expert —> Experienced pilots that can communicate with ATC very well

Its your choice to make the game enjoyable and playable!

I know you want to hear something different, but I would highly recommend joining IFATC. You will find out that ATCing is so fun, instead of a pain in the neck on Training Server.

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@Thomas_G the casual server is also for testing, escorting and above all trolling.

Oke I just played LAX as approach… You know what i tought about right away? Call of duty modern warfare with some people using aimbots and wallhax😂 that is what happend if nobody keeps an eye on…

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