Observer to Controller?

Hello guys, quick question, when you are observer on a active ATC session, if the controller quits does you take his place immediately or do you have to quit and hoping that nobody take the place before you?

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You will remain an observer unless you re-enter as a controller once the first controller has left.


This takes me back to my early days, refreshing the ATC screen waiting for the other person to close.


Who never?




Let’s not forget about KNUC

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I remeber camping LAX in TS and still refreshing the app to get the ATC first, i couldn’t get it. good old pre-global days

Unfortunately it’s the latter of the two. I’ve got a list of ATC suggestions I’ve been compiling to one day post. That’s definitely one of them.

What’s the trick to quickly grabbing that role once it’s closed? I kick myself in the back side all the time giving up my role at one airport because another I’d rather be at just closed and end up losing both.

Your username is at the top right. If you tap that then back out it will refresh the list. That’s what I used to do. If you just stare at the list of airports it will only refresh every 5 or so minutes I think, you’ll never get the frequency that way.

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Ahh, I’ll have to try that one. I will usually click the airport, “Go to XXXX”, and go back to the list again. Either that or back out to the main menu, Fly Online, back out again and reopen ATC. I figured that would refresh it right away.

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