Observer Status in ATC Playground?

Dear all, I am passionate about ATC and have since controlled WSSS for the past few days yet my ATC status is still Observer. I find this strange because I’ve read the Advanced Server recruitment details and it says that 500 Operations in ATC Playground is required in order to be able to be recruited.

Thanks in advance!

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I believe that ATC operations are not recorded in Playground.

So the guy who posted about the recruitment is wrong? And, does the ranking start from Advanced Server?

No, the requirement use to be 250, but I guess it was raised.

From what I heard, your operations are not recorded when your ATC in Playground, so you just have to guess if you have 500 operations (which goes up by 1 when you clear an aircraft for takeoff or landing).

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I have no idea what ranking your talking about, but assuming you mean the top-right of the main menu when you select ATC mode in Live, I think it starts when you become ATC in Advance, the ranking.

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Thank you.

If you control on PG you get ops
So he must control a bit more


And there are ranks if you become an advance ATC

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U do get operations but only Tyler can see them

Operations are recorded in the Playground, although they are not visible to you. - They will be visible to the Devs, recruiters and mods I presume

If you become an Advanced ATC controller, those ops will become visible to you.

Observer is the status that allows you to control on Playground but not on advanced


Thank you for the explanation.

Nope not true if you are an advance ATC you also can see it
What @planemadblog said

You do not automatically become a controller on the Advanced server after reaching 500 ops, if thats what you thought. The IFATC Recruiting post says that you need 500 ops before you apply to become an advanced controller, where you must complete a theory and practical test.

And like everyone has stated above, you earn ops as a playground controller for each Takeoff / Landing / ILS Approach etc. But you are not shown the number of ops.


Thanks everyone for the clarification but if we are not shown the ops count then how do we know we are qualified for Advanced Server ATC?

You are not qualified for Advanced ATC until you apply for it and pass the tests.

Just use your judgement to know when you have enough ops, it’s advised that 1-2 weeks of playground controlling should get you 500 ops. If you really want to know how many ops you have then contact a recruiter on the IFATC recruiting post. But when you reach 500 ops you are not automatically an advanced controller :)

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You can just type properly, no need for the emphasis here and there, I can understand clearly.