So as a real world pilot I love this platform with some little gripes.

I know most of the simmers on here have never piloted a real aircraft or has ever been to an airport.

Some things I know will never change, like those who fly around like an arcade game. It is what it is.

Here is some observations for those trying to be realistic.

#1 Airports with multiple runways. You can use more than one. Example: LAX everyone thinks 25R is the only runway to use. Please look into use of other runways to minimize the congestion.

#2 Gate placement: For those trying to be realistic please take the time and look up proper gates for your airline, cargo ramp etc. Many websites are available to help you.

#3 As there is unfortunately a lot of baffoonery in the casual server the fact that at least there are many simmers trying to control the skies as ATC or Approach and departure.
That said it is sad that the EXPERT server has almost ZERO control. Makes being in expert almost like a ghost town.

#4 I know this platform is to appeal to all types of simmers. That said the baffoonery in casual gets to be way out of control without ANY way to police it. Would be great to have some ability to report meat heads who think its funny to ruin the game for others.

Anyway I have many others but felt this will be a good start.

Hope you all have a great day and happy simming


Casual Server is not so strict, people can do what they want to do there

IFATC is a team with volunteers, they have their lives. Controlling Expert Server is just a thing they do in their spare time. I suggest you joining IFATC to help out

IFATC could report when they controlling. Also, ATC Superviors, Forum Moderators and Infinite Flight Staffs can report when flying, they will supervising the whole server


That might be the training server not the casual.

It doesn’t look like a ghost town to me

Other points about utilising runways and using proper gates for heavies etc, all valid points.



True but in the Casual it seems to be out of control. As I have done several ATC myself it is frustrating when players blatantly ignore you

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As I fly primarily West U.S. I have only seen ATC twice. Is there a shortage of ATC on expert?

Not sure how could you do ATC on Casual, I believe that is Training Server. As you can see, Training Server means everyone there are still in Training, that is what that server for. If you want to do ATC with better pilots, please ahead to the link below and apply for IFATC to control Expert. Thanks

I’d much rather get quality air traffic services from well trained, well monitored, and regularly assessed controllers, than have a load of half-okayish control. Yes there is a lot of coverage on the TS, but it is often worse than flying alone.
By the way, yes I know there are some fabulous controllers on TS, I’m just speaking about the majority.

I totally agree about having great controllers and can’t wait to see more come on board. As stated these are just observations

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I do also agree with you about the gate selection and runway use by the way.

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Yeah it really is not that difficult. If I were technically knowledgeable I would post proper gates but would not have a clue how to do so

The new ATC service is by region assignment. There’re plenty of active ATCs in US west region, but all IFATC members are volunteers and serve the community when free. New members, especially those with real life experience such as yourself, are encouraged to join. You can sign up here if you wish to join IFATC team.

That what IFATC is. Well trained, well monitored and regularly assessed 👍

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Not true. IFATC uses as many or as few runways as efficiency permits. Specifically for LAX - most of us while controlling use the real-world config of 25R and 24L for takeoffs, 24R only for landings, and 25L for both takeoff and landing. There’s a fantastic tutorial on the community here about controlling/flying at LAX too :)

“For those trying to be realistic” - this is a debate that’s been going on for ages in Infinite Flight, between people who want to be realistic and people who want to fly for fun and convenience. The game belongs to both sets of people, and we have to respect that. For me personally - I like being realistic, but it’s not a big deal to spawn a Southwest at a United gate tbh.

The Casual Server is meant solely for buffoonery. It’s meant for fooling around. I think you mean the Training Server - ATC is not a feature on Casual. And yes, trolls exist on the Training Server at the bigger airports like EGLL and KLAX. Might I suggest creating an ATC Tracking Thread and invite people from the community to fly at the airports you open up, if you want to have a better experience on the Training Server. If you don’t know how to do that, there’s a great tutorial on how to create a tracking thread here:

Again, it depends on the time of day. IFATC are volunteers and can’t control 24x7. We’re always looking for more controllers though, so that this gap can be filled. I would encourage you to apply and join IFATC, so you can open up more airports of your choice on the Expert Server!


There’s no ATC coverage at all in Casual. I believe you’re thinking of Training. Casual Server has no rules - and that’s the point! If you find that annoying, try to grade up so you don’t have to experience it!

You are correct thanks for the correction

Thank you for a refresh of this information! This is just a game however, people choose to play it as they will. We are all here to have fun.

As others have said, the expert server has plenty of ATC coverage if you are interested in adding to ATC coverage, you may apply for IFATC.

The casual server is the proper place for “baffoonery” Its where you can practice and perfect their piloting skills. And reporting the “meatheads” although they can be annoying would just cause anger and controversy.

@CaptainSooraj took the words right out of my mouth ;)

This is not at all true. Many people here, including myself, are either getting or already have their PPL, and I am almost certain that most people on here have been to an airport.

IFATC is a volunteer group made of people who have personal lives and who cannot be constantly controlling.

The whole point of the casual server is to allow a place to mess around with other people eg. Wacky racing (which is an IF sanctioned event)

Regarding number 2: I use flightradar24 to get the airline’s gate locations, aircraft used on route, and to see which runways the traffic is using. I also use flightaware to get the real life flight’s fpl and add in IF departure/approach procedures.

welp, this is not at all true. like the person before me, a whole bunch of active users here on the IFC have flown a plane and almost certainly been to an airport. Theres also nothing wrong with people who have never been to an airport. Doesnt mean they cant enjoy aviation.

(Sidenote. My cousin who is 9, Just went on his first plane 2 days ago. He’s just like me. Couldn’t care for something more than Aviation.)

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Thats true

I never said that. I made an observation about if those who want to keep with realism to look into proper gate assignments. Also if this comment struck a nerve it was not intended as again this is only an observation