Obligatory Scenery Editor's Photo Dump


Now that I can share my airports being someone who has shared them staunchly back in the 2D days, I will take this opportunity to be a basic scenery editor and start sharing my progress on some airports because I am ✨ starved of attention ✨!

Chongqing Wushan Airport (ZUWS)


Because an airport on a mountain is always better than in between.

Dandong Langtou Airport


Because it is on North Korea border and North Korea funny

Because I had special privileges I am now entitled to likes.


Beautiful !

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Nice one!! :D

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And it posted before it was ready…

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This wins the new 3D airport of the day…. Great job!

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The scenery in the background is the deal maker

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Chongqing yay!

And I have more of it.

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Imagine an overrun here. No room for error. Would be a great airport to try and land some huge planes at.

I see were pulling a Swiss001, might as well stream the whole thing milking money off of stan culture :^)

Looking very nice! I love it @Tsumia!

How long is the runway at ZUWS?

ZUWS is a fun one to review. Very well constructed and very uniquely positioned. I’m really looking forward to seeing this come. With my even more special privileges, I’m entitled to even more likes.

You’re welcome, Tsumia.


About 8,500 feet.

Pretty much all heavies can land there
*in theory

Well not really fit in the apron

Given the altitude, it’s operation is limited to narrow bodies. You won’t find planes much larger than the A321 there.

Thanks for the review, interesting to see a perspective who dies things nearly exclusively in Malaysia, cool to see how different editing fundamentals apply to certain countries’ airports.

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YES! Another Chinese airport!

Long enough to butter on.