Objects not rendering

I’ll see if I can find a fix to that then. I’m not sure why it’s giving me those notifications…

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Yeah, that is weird though

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That message that sends you full space is the iCloud, it has nothing to do with the device’s storage.

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Just going to give the original issue a bump as I haven’t got a solid answer what’s causing this.

Any have any idea what’s causing his and how to fix it?

Giving this a bump.

Did the flight for a third time now, and so far it seems with the same results from above. This is extremely frustrating and I don’t know what to do at this point.

I’ve tried changing 3D Object rendering settings, I’ve updated my iPad, I’ve cleared cache and freed up space, and I’m still having this issue. Does anyone have a solution?

Side note: As for the storage issue, both iTunes and my iPad say I have 10 gb of free space left, so my device is not out of storage, it’s just a software glitch.

You ain’t the only one I made a thread for this airports not loading 😖 it’s very frustrating

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This is the third time I’ve done this medium haul, and so far every time this has happened to me. Very frustrating! :(

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Happens me twice very close to jfk airport hopefully will go well I have a feeling it won’t happened me twice flying to EHAM twice 😩


I’m currently approach TOD for PHOG, so I went to check the “ATC” cam to see if it would load, and it doesn’t appear so.

I really wish there could be a quick fix to this.

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I know about 250nm out from jfk it better load or not I’d go mental.

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Yeah, this is exactly what’s happening to me. The airports won’t load at all. I’m also finding other players aren’t loading either, and they just appear as white boxes.

Just thought I’d mention:

I don’t have an old device. I have a fairly recent iPad model 8 Gen with 32 gb on it.

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It’s strange when I fly over other airports they load in and then the destination airport I arrive at doesn’t load

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When I spawn in at SFO, Everything loads fine, and the settings all work fine as well. However once I arrive at my destination, it doesn’t work anymore…

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Yeah that’s the exact same thing what happens to me. Like EHAM yesterday didn’t load and took off there today and didn’t load.

I believe this is PHKO, could be wrong though.

When I click on the ATC cam, this is what I see… It’s as if the airport renderings don’t even exist…

Doesn’t look like I’m going to get any luck with it loading in…

The only thing I can think of is to uninstall IF and reinstall again.

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Ok just landed in kjfk and the buildings actually came phew 😮‍💨 i reinstalled the app yesterday and EHAM didn’t load

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