Obeying ATC on TS

Can I get ghosted by a mod and drop to grade 2 if I don’t obey ATC instructions on TS? (eg. earlier atc insited that I land when I requested T&G twice with no one around at WSSS)
BTW the purpose of this is not to be disrespectful.

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Straight answer, no. Long answer, no because training server isn’t like expert server, but you should still remain respectful and courteous.

Can’t mod still ghost people on training?

They have the power but they won’t, unless you have an inappropriate callsign. It’s also recommended you follow the flow of traffic (can’t get ghosted for not doing so but still recommended), be respespectful & courteous and to listen to ATC (Air Traffic Control) if they are mature or if you want to (but mostly if they’re mature).

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