OAT Effect on Aircraft

hello, I have a question. How does tempature effect planes in Infinite Flight not real life

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Read this:

Remember that Google is your friend! :)
Infinite flight aircraft are impacted the same way it effects aircraft in the real world.
Also, instead of naming your topic “I have a question”, name it something like “How does temperature effect aircraft in Infinite Flight?”.


Higher temperatures mean less lift, and vice versa

Also a simple google search will answer your life’s questions.

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I know how it works, what I am actually asking is does the temperature effect planes in Infinite flight

Yes I am pretty sure it does.

Yes, I answered your question

So the temperature effects planes in Infinite flight

Yes, it does. Taking off in Dubai is much different than taking off in Alaska.

Ok thank you for answering my question.

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The only way to know this in Infinite flight is to test it out yourselves. The developers never told us so we can only assume

By the way do we really need 3/4 people saying the same thing

Again, yes I answered your questions

But you didn’t…
His post clearly said

But you never made real life / Infinite Flight clear. So he did not understand which one you were talking about.

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But that was the answer to his question

Question has been answered.