Oakland Loses JetBlue + Other JetBlue Route Cuts

What is going on?

Earlier, JetBlue announced that it will be cutting off all services from Metropolitan Oakland International Airport (OAK/KOAK) beginning on April 29, 2020. Currently, they fly from Oakland to Long Beach (LGB/KLGB), New York (JFK/KJFK), and summer seasonal to Boston (BOS/KBOS). JetBlue leaving Oakland will mean that all 3 of these routes will be gone except for Long Beach, which will still be served by Southwest.

How will this affect OAK?

Because of JetBlue’s departure from OAK, Oakland will lose its only nonstops to New York JFK and its summer seasonal route from Boston.

Now What?

Anyone wanting to fly on JetBlue Airways from the CA Bay Area can still do it, but they would have to fly from Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO).

In addition, JetBlue’s departure from Oakland could also pave the way for another airline to start service. United Airlines (@GlobalFlyer1) has been looking to resume service at Oakland since it left the airport in the summer of 2012. United has said that Oakland was on their list, but they weren’t looking into it much. There is a chance that since JetBlue is leaving Oakland, United could have a chance to revisit this thought in the future.

Other Cuts

In addition to JetBlue’s departure from Oakland, they will also be cutting its flights from its hub in Long Beach. They are cutting flights from Long Beach to San Jose (SJC/KSJC) and Sacramento (SMF/KSMF) and reducing frequencies on their Long Beach to Las Vegas (LAS/KLAS) route.

How do I feel about this?

To be honest, I kind of expected JetBlue to leave Oakland at some point, and it looks like I was right. Although it is disappointing for anyone whose favorite airport is OAK, it is also disappointing for me, whose favorite airport is SJC. But I guess it makes sense because JetBlue is also adding new routes like JFK-BZN, so they would need to make room by cutting fligths which do not meet expectations. I am just glad that SJC will still have service to LGB because of Southwest.

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What do you think about this?


Oakland’s having a terrible time.

In the past 3~ years, they lost British Airways, LEVEL, Norwegian, and now JetBlue.


Yeah, it’s not looking bright for OAK. But as of right now, they can cling on to the fact that they will be having FLL with Spirit this summer

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Noooo! Since OAK is one of my closest airports this really sucks

like @Ishrion said above, OAK isn’t really really doing well with losing all those routes. I don’t think United will look at the airport, maybe spirit will do more with it, Alaska could also maybe grow there… just some guesses

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Yeah, OAK is going to lose JFK and BOS after JetBlue leaves

They have been trying to get back in for a while…I don’t know if they will go through with it but someone from the airline said that OAK was on United’s list.

Yeah, Spirit is growing at the airport. They are adding OAK-FLL this summer as seasonal service

Alaska isn’t really doing much at OAK. They only have SEA, PDX, and Hawaii (6 routes from OAK). This is because they have a hub on the other side of the Bay (SFO) and a focus city to the south (SJC).

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More passenger numbers in San Francisco JetBlue might even increase more daily flights to SFO.

As of right now, they haven’t said anything about it

But they did announce that they will be adding a second daily flight to Boston from San Jose this summer

Even though this post is about Oakland, I do have to mention Long Beach here. jetBlue cut all services from Sacramento, San Jose, and Oakland, leaving just SFO. Huge blow to my home airport.

Actually at LGB at time of writing…


I mean at least LGB still has SJC, SMF, and OAK

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LGB is cutting all three

With JetBlue they are

But there is still LGB to SJC, SMF, and OAK…just with Southwest

Although I am extremely excited to see JetBlue expanding service at my home airport (BZN), I have to admit I’m a little surprised that they would chose Bozeman over Oakland…

All these flight cuts make me wonder how long the airline will actually keep these new routes. If they are cutting flights from large cities, I have a hard time seeing them serving rural Montana for very long.

I think the reason why they are cutting Oakland is because it became a tertiary airport in the Bay Area. Many airlines, yes even low cost, have been choosing San Francisco or San Jose over Oakland. And since Oakland is a low-cost airport, and the city is not the brightest, many passengers would rather fly into San Francisco or San Jose.

San Jose also recently passed Oakland as the second most popular airport in the Bay Area, and it continues to grow and improve as it gets more passengers than it can handle. Airlines take notice of that and since they don’t see much development over at Oakland, they choose a different airport

That’s just my take on it

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I’m genuinely surprised that they are losing jet blue. I was expecting Norwegian and British but jet blue I am surprised that they won’t be flying there anymore

It’s more or less consolidating to avoid overlap for regions.

As an example, JetBlue recently ended flights to Houston Hobby and replaced them with flights to Houston-Intercontinental.

Never even knew B6 flew to Hobby lol

@Ishrion go to bed it’s 1am


It was funny because before JetBlue switched from HOU to IAH, there was no IAH-JFK, just HOU-JFK

At the time, IAH only had EWR and LGA both with United

Then JetBlue switched to IAH and Delta added IAH-JFK

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@BigBert10 realizes that more people will have to come to San Jose now… (evil grin)

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Never know B6 flew to hobby either. Did they start fly to SJC recently?


They have been flying to SJC for years now

They’ve also flew to HOU for quite sometime before the switch to IAH