Oakland Loses American Airlines

AA is leaving Oakland!

What is going on?

American Airlines has recently announced that they will be leaving Oakland International Airport (OAK/KOAK) entirely. This comes after a huge decline in air travel due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but it is not entirely sure if this virus was the sole reason for the airline leaving the airport. The last AA flight from Oakland will be AA2964 to Phoenix on June 3, 2020 departing at 12:41 PM PDT. As of right now, that flight will be operated by N604SK, a CRJ-700. The airline will, however, continue flying to the Bay Area through Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO).

A spokesperson from American Airlines told Fox News, "We’re constantly evaluating our network to meet customer demand. Unfortunately, our service in Oakland was not profitable and the last flight from OAK to Phoenix (PHX) will operate on June 3. We thank the team members who served our customers and will work closely with them during this transition. American will continue to operate to the Bay area with service to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC).”

The airline also told Routes Online, "Unfortunately, our service in Oakland was not profitable and the last flight from OAK to PHX will operate on June 3.”

This news comes after airports around the world have reported a decline in travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. It also comes after Oakland has lost JetBlue, Norwegian, British Airways, LEVEL, and Delta (although Delta’s suspension from OAK is only temporary).

What do I think of this?

I think that with the departure of AA from OAK, the airport is rapidly declining and is taking a lot of damage. I feel really bad for OAK because they have been losing one airline after another. The only good news for OAK is that Southwest is still invested heavily in them, so they do have some hope for passenger growth. I also feel bad for anyone who’s favorite Bay Area airport is OAK (like @Mr-plane-guy1) because their airport is losing an airline, not just a route, but an airline. Like @Ishrion said before, “OAK is having a terrible time.”

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What do you think about AA’s departure from OAK?


I don’t care what airlines people like or hate, it is always sad seeing service ending from any airport, on any airline.

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Yeah, I feel bad for OAK because they are losing airlines like crazy



Tell me about it, I feel like all airports have lost at least half of their routes whether it’s temporary or permanent.

Oof, that’s not good. More room for Southwest tho


Yeah, now Southwest has no more competition on their OAK-PHX route

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You must be glad that they didn’t ditch SJC :^)
Oakland has been taking a serious beating from other airlines. I won’t be surprised of more airlines like Hawaiian would ditch OAK.

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This isn’t the best day for OAK. While I understand why it was done I just feel so bad for OAK! It’s a huge loss.

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Well this is a huge loss for KOAK. I hope they survive as an airport. They’ve been losing so many airlines.


This is super sad, although at least they aren’t leaving an entire market

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But this would mean they can grow more at SFO. Hopefully they grow as much at SJC as SFO.

I don’t know if Hawaiian would ditch OAK because they have LIH service from OAK that they do not have at SFO or SJC. But then again, they send a small A321N to OAK.

Yup. At this point, Delta is the only remaining “Big 3” carrier at OAK, but even right now, Delta is suspending OAK. Hopefully, they return after this pandemic is over.

I really hope so too, but at this point, it looks as though it might just be low cost carriers.

Still pretty sad for Oakland to lose an airline after losing many other airlines. It seems as though they are following the trend of airlines leaving the airport.


I’m sad that OAK is losing quite a lot of members, but I hope that at least we get new flights & members. FedEx will stay at OAK, I’m sure.


Noooo OAK is one of my home airports, though OAK is declining while SJC & SFO get all of the passengers


Oakland Is A Pretty Big Airport, Although, It Does Not Have That Many Terminals, or airlines. more like general aviation fly’s there. But There is Some terminals. I get Why AA is not flying there.

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American leaving Oakland means they’ll likely expand at San Francisco, they recently moved terminals which gets them a couple more gates, and a lot of their partners fly international routes from San Francisco such as Japan Airlines. This means passengers can codeshare on more routes, whereas San Jose has less airlines to partner with internationally (the only one is BA)

BA and AS 😏

RIP @Mr-plane-guy1


Do they still have Hawaiian?

Oakland’s irrelevant Lmao