Oakland County International Airport Airshow and Open House

I got to attend the Oakland County International Airshow which was super fun. A lot more of the spotting pictures were the planes on static because there airshow was only 90 minutes with a few different planes. Some other stuff they had at the airshow was helicopter rides and biplane rides. many of the planes I couldn’t tell what they were so if you do know what they are I would love to know.

some of the shots like this one is just GA because the airspace was still in operation until the actual airshow.

The second plane is very interesting and i would love to know what it is

Very cool paint job on this jet

A B-25 they flew up from Ohio on static

This is a New Standard D-25

One of the many business jets that took off

This plane is the same plane from my previous spotting topic that lands on a pickup truck

In the back of this photo you can see the truck that the plane lands on

I think these might have been the last performers in the airshow but I had to leave with 30 minutes left

This is a Tuskegee Airmen T-6 Texan

One of the cargo companies based out of the airport had their Boeing 727 on display and you could go in it as well but due to a long line I did not go in it

To start the actual show they had a plane do some stunts

Then they had this one do some stunts

Here is the plane landing on the truck
Then this one did some stunts before racing a F-450 truck with 3 jet engines

After that I had to leave but it was a cool airshow. Same as last time I used a Nikon D60 with and 18-55 mm lense.


Wow! These are great pictures!


Thank you for the compliment

I believe the plane you want to know the name of is a vampire or a venom it’s British Cold War jet


Wow that looks really cool! Wish I could of seen it!
You’ve clearly got a talent for taking photos, nice ones!


Nice pictures! A few of them could use some editing, but otherwise I love the different variants of aircraft.


Ah, I looked up viper 29 but I couldn’t find much

And thank you guys for the compliments. I didn’t think they were the best because it is only my second time truly spotting

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Nice photos. It’s called the DeHavilland Venom (possibly Sea Venom depending on the variant) by the way. 👍🏻


Nice Photos! I wanted to try and get up to that one but wasn’t able to this year. Thanks for sharing! :)


Good pictures! Went there once.


Thank you for finding that out

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Wow, those are some nice shots that you have just published above on this specific individual thread!

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