O.R Tambo Spotting (FAOR) Johannesburg, South Africa 13-8-16

Hello People of the forum,

Today i went spotting at O.R Tambo, woke up at 04:50AM, got ready, rushed dad, made my dad rush to the airport, like usual. Since it’s winter, its dark till later, so when i was at the airport, planes came during sunrise, and the photos weren’t very good… As it gets later, the photos get better, and better

I had a few new spots today, ill list three that i can remember.

  • Air Zimbabwe 767-200ER
  • Lufthansa 747-8
  • LATAM (TAM) 767-300ER

I have a lot more photos to post, especially SFO, which ill hopefully post tomorrow or sometime this week.

Sorry that some were blurry, i was with a friend and we were rushing all over the place, also because of the morning and my camera doesnt like the morning, also that for the morning lot they were using the other runway which is a bit away, we ended up going there they back three planes later, which meant i missed the KLM Cargo 747-400F, and caught the Lufthansa 747-8 but also really missed it.

I’m open to any constructive criticism.

Do not use my photos without my permission!

South African Airways ~ A330-200 ~ ZS-SXV ~ From LHR

British Airways ~ A380-800 ~ G-XLED ~ From LHR

South African Airways ~ A340-600 ~ ZS-SNH ~ From FRA

LATAM (TAM) ~ 767-300ER ~PT-MOE ~ From GRU (New Spot)

South African Airways ~ A330-300 ~ ZS-SXL ~ From GRU

South African Airways ~ A340-600 ~ ZS-SNA - From MUC

Virgin Atlantic ~ 787-9 ~ G-VOWS ~ From LHR

South African Airways ~ A340-300 ~ ZS-SXE ~ From CPT

MOX ~ ERJ145 ~ C9-MEK ~ From Somewhere (Think Maputo though)

South African Airways ~ A320 ~ ZS-SZJ ~ From CPT

EgyptAir ~ A330-300 ~ SU-GDS ~ From CAI

Lufthansa ~ 747-8 ~ D-ABYO ~ From FRA (New Spot)

South African Airways ~ A340-600 ~ ZS-SNF ~ From JFK

South African Airways ~ A319-100 ~ ZS-SFL ~ From MPM

South African Airways ~ A320-200 ~ ZS-SZF ~ From DUR

Air Zimbabwe ~ 767-200ER ~ Z-WPE ~ From HRE (New Spot)

Mango ~ 737-800 ~ ZS-SJG ~ From DUR

Fastjet (Afric Aviation) ~ ERJ145 ~ ZS-BBM ~ From HRE

South African Airways ~ A330-200 ~ ZS-SXU ~ From LHR

British Airways ~ 747-400 ~ G-BNLP ~ From LHR

Swiss ~ A340-300 ~ HB-JMB ~ From ZRH

Some Tarmac Shots.

Kenya Airways ~ 787-8 ~ 5Y-KZB ~ From NBO

SA Express - Dash 8-Q400 ~ ZS-YBP ~ From BFN

And thats the end of the pictures! I hope you enjoyed them.

Remember to not use my photos without my permission!


Great Shots right there!

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Fantastic shots! Still, love the Mango livery!!

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I noticed to the first Lufthansa 747-8 picture that the plane is a KLM (probably) 747


Thank you!

@Owain_G A lot of new airlines have came since you have left.

@Stmaarten1778 I meant too add a description on it! ill just delete it, thank you.


Awesome shots as always Josh! Keep up the good work! 😊

Anyway, is it just me or you didn’t capture a SIA A350 today?


Thank you!

Nope, was rushing my dad, but before we left the house the plane had landed because it was too early. It was 9V-SMC i think.

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Wow. These are amazing. I love them!!!

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Very very good. If it weren’t for those mediocre first ones it would be one of the best sporting topics on the forum. I especially like the locations that you took those photos from. Definetly chose well.

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Nice images, although the weather could have definitely been a little bit better in a few.


Thank you! Just wait for what I have next.

@MattAV It was just hazy in the mornings, other wise I agree with you.

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A fastjet E145? That’s new. Nice shots especially the Lufty 747


First of all, did you just post all the photos you could find? Some of these should’ve first been edited and perfected…not just posting every single picture you got. Anyways, I see a lot of grain, a few under exposed pics, and some with bad crop. Otherwise, nice catches. My favorite has to be the Virgin Atlantic 787-9

KLM doesn’t opperate the 747-8i, the top of the KLM is blue and the bottom is white. I am sure this is a Lufthansa 747.
It looks like it’s far left landing light is out too!

No. Looks like KLM Cargo 747-400F. @Stmaarten1778 is right.

No winglets, -400F has winglets.

It does have winglets. Look more closely.

I will take this to DM with you guys :)

Haha, looked at the wrong photo, that first photo of the 747 is a KLM not a Lufthansa.

Not everyone’s photos have to be on par with yours. I’m sure he appreciates your feedback, however you could have worded it a tad nicer. I do agree that the photos could be edited a bit, but if you’re like me and a number of others on the community, we aren’t the best at photo editing. Especially with the weather and maybe the camera he was using, those can both alter a photo’s appearance.