O.R Tambo Plane Spotting

I found these on my mac while scrolling through my photos. Not some of my best though… Im still proud of a few! I was on a plane when i took these


Very nice @jdag2004 !

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I’m loving the Lufthansa MD11F @jdag2004!


Thanks a million!

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Me too! I was determined to take a photo of one and i forgot i had one from a trip!

A few more


MD11, 727, SA A340 AND and a fire truck? Huh? I want to go!

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These are from Lanseria. i went on a tour there and here is a private ANC 727 @Joshua_Flemming . They enter from the back stairs and and there is a flat screen tv and all on that plane!


Awesome line up of tails on the ramp, some pretty cool catches among them!

Thanks a lot :)

I might be mistaken but was that jeep about to be loaded on the plane.

No a Nissan

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Photos very very very beautiful

Thank you! Means a lot! :)

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A lot of heavies ! Great catch👍🏻

ANC ughhh , my old Isixhosa teachers sisters husband is the pilot on that aircraft !

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Oh yeah right you told me!

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Thanks a million :)

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That’s a very busy airport. Airlines from all over the world

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The biggest in Africa!

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