O.R Tambo international plane spotting

Some photos of JNB plane spotting.image

There’s a lot I know…😳


You took a lot…nice photos anyway.


Thanks! Sorry that there’s a lot…

Some of those are amazing, well done, what camera did you use?

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I used the Cannon SX50 Powershot! Thanks!

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Amazing! Love the A340 and the 777.


Thanks! There was just one tree in the way but I could still get photos of the plane touching down😊

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Really great photos, well done!

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Thanks so much😊

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Amazing shots! I’ve never heard of SA Cargo before. :)

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Yea, I was up early for that plane! It’s very rare.

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What camera did you use?

I used the Cannon SX50 Powershot🙂

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AGH! So much awesome SA’s!! I especially love the cargo and express. Excellent photos!

Pretty nice shots in there!

South African Cargo? Awesome! Great to see the airlines that are flying there.

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Thanks, what do you think about fly blue crane?


Thanks! What do you think about Fly Safair

awesome Shots, I like it

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