O.R. Tambo International, Johannesburg, South Africa

I’ll talk about some stuff later. I’m very tired as I woke up at five today and four yesterday, I,gonna try to get some sleep in 20 mins. Enjoy!


jozi…one of my favourite cities in the world

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Awesome! It’s great here!

Great pics , last night would of been great for spotting with all the thunderstorms around the airfield …

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Oh yeah! The Lufthansa Retro came in today! 747-8 didn’t spot it though! Even though I have a new born love for that plane!

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Those SA aircrafts are prettier than I thought! 😍😍😍

Still can’t get enough with Star Alliance Livery 😍. Do you have an Egyptair A330 Photo without Star Alliance Livery?

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I do but it’s the -300


Egyptair has a delightful livery

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Yeah! Defintaly!

Can you share a Kenya Airways 787 pic

I don’t have one. Any other requests? I’ll try spot it for you :)

Thanks. Anyway nice job

Thanks! Any other request?

A Kenya 737

No Kenyan photos, sorry… hamvent sotted one yet… Any other requests?

Great photos. Did you get the generic 737 Cargo one?

I’m not too sure? I got a combi

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No anyway nice spotting pics

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