O’Hare Spotting Part 2 | Departures

Welcome everyone to the second topic from my spotting adventure in Chicago today. In this topic, I’ll be focusing on departures out of O’Hare that I caught.

Starting things off with Delta, who were flying N105DU, an Airbus A220 out to Salt Lake City. I managed to capture the aircraft turning to the northwest after departure!

Next up is N755SK, an American CRJ-700 flying out to Nashville!

Switching it up with Banana Air this time, we have N680NK, a Spirit A321 flying out to Orlando!

Going more normal again, we have N17963, a United 787-9 heading out to London!

Switching it around to American, we have N768US, an American A319 operating a flight out to New York’s La Guardia airport!

Going back to their biggest rival in Chicago, we have N647UA, a United 767-300ER heading to Houston

After that, we have N315DN, a Delta A321 going down to Atlanta!

And finally, we have A7-ANP, a Qatar A350-1000, operating a flight all the way to Doha. The second shot is my personally favorite one out of the departures, with the Chicago skyline in the background!

Thank you once again for checking out my spotting topic. @Aviation3 don’t miss this one, and thank you again to @Moritz for helping me get everything set up perfectly!


@ToasterStroodie if you need directions, you have arrived at your destination!

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Thanks for your navigation services! Much better than Google Maps. I really like the UA763 and Qatari A35X shots! Probably because i really like those two planes. Now to await directions to Part 3!


Great shots!! The last one has to be my favorite, absolutely beautiful with the skyline :)

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Ughhhh the Qatarrrr. I need to spot in that spot. Nice shots!

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These are awesome!

My one suggestion… try and go when the lighting will be best, same with Part 1. They just seem a little backlit to me.

Overall, they are really great.

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Love to see some really nice ORD pictures!

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Thanks for the awesome shots of my favorite airport! Way to represent the Midwest! 🙌🏽

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I’ll try to go sometime either this weekend or next weekend during the day, when the sun is above me. You’re right tho, the sun is behind the planes when the pictures were taken

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My home airport. If you need any spots I can tell you. I spot here a lot

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