O’hare Runway 28L Approach Question

Ohare currently is using runway 10R for south approaches on East flow, it has an offset approach for it and 28L is visual only?!?? What is an offset approach? Does it require work to be done? The FAA says they are in the process of making an offset approach for 28L. And the main question I have here is she will 28L be available for south arrivals on west flow?


Basically they use a Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approach system (SOIR). It enables simultaneous approaches for runways less than 915m but more than 230m apart. It’s a procedure that uses an ILS PRM approach to one runway, with an offset LDA PRM and glidescope approach to the adjacent one.

In relation to your question, I’d have to have a look at O’Hare, because I don’t know much about it. I’ll let you know once I know more ;)

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A maybe interesting in-depth article might be this one:

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Oh I haven’t seen that! I’ll have a read.

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