O’Hare Galore @KORD

While y’all were enjoying the flash flight organized by the staff team, I was out and about in the beautiful weather Chicago had today plane spotting. It certainly did not disappoint today!

First up is a plane I probably won’t see again for a while. D-ABYA and her fellow 748s will not be coming to Chicago for the time being, as they will be swapped with A350s.

A plane will I probably will see again is N118DU, a Delta A220. I see too many of them, but I can never get enough of them!

Another plane which I will lost definitely see again soon is United’s N76529 sporting the new livery (added specially for @ToasterStroodie and @Z-Tube)

Bringing in my package, it’s N311AZ. While it didn’t really bring my package, as I had nothing ordered, someone in Chicago requested same day shipping

Another quite regular airline at Chicago, China Eastern, brought B-2021 to Chicago. Hopefully, 2021 will be better than 2020

Another common sight at O’Hare, Emirates, I caught A6-ENZ departing to Dubai

Today was the last day for N860NW to do cargo runs in Chicago, and I was able to catch it departing back to Atlanta. She gave us all a real nice show!

Moving on to the exotics, it’s HB-JMA, a Swiss A340-300. I haven’t seen an A340 in person since about 2018 probably, so when I saw this on the arrival board, I was very excited

Next up from the list of exotics, we have A6-BLO, the choosing Thailand livery for Etihad on their 787-9

Finally on the list of exotics, it’s PH-BQH, a KLM 777-200 supporting the KLM Asia livery. She had a very gracious landing here!

I hope you all enjoyed this spotting topic! I hope this goes to show you don’t need modern equipment for nice things. My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T1i, released in 2009, so I don’t have the fanciest things either. Have a great rest of your morning/afternoon/evening/night!


Did the entire east half of the states have amazing weather today or something


I love spotting photos at my hometown airport!😁 Well done!

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I mean it was like REALLY windy but it was nice lol


Yea, just about. I loved the weather today. ~55 degrees, sunny as it can be, but very windy

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I mean you’re called the Windy City so yeah


We are called the Windy City for other reasons lol. the political climate is why lol

Nice Photos
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I did not know this but the more you know


Oh my god these photos were great! The lighting, clarity. Not to mention the planes! 747’s, Triple 7s and even an A220! AMAZING JOB!

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I had some crazy good lighting today, so ya I guess so, gotta love it. Also more technically yes they did big time high pressure along the north eastern seaboard which has kept the clouds mostly out of the eastern US. Probably one of the last hoorah weather wise for a lot of the north east before more cold and clouds set in.


Yup same. Next weekend also looks good here in Upstate NY but I suspect a large deterioration after that.

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Yep. Low pressure over the North East building tomorrow into Monday but then that moves out to sea and high pressure moves up from the golf and drags it’s feet moving out to sea that combined with building high pressure over the Great Lakes should combine for a large area of pretty high pressure over the Mid East US by next Saturday. After that though, looks like the jet stream should start to slide south and the winter we all know is coming will probably arrive or at least start.

For the non weather nerds out there high pressure generally means clear blue skies.


Amazing! Thank you for this. I saw her the other day at EWR. Looking sharp (the plane and your photos). 😊


Lol and how many do y’all get a day

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I missed out on some beautiful weather in Charlotte, but there was nothing interesting to spot today. On the contrary , you have every reason to go out and spot.

Love that A332 which I spotted earlier in October down in ATL. Can I just trade traffic with ORD or JFK for one day…


Guesstimating, about 15

No. I’m keeping my traffic

The Prime Air livery is just stunning!

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That is really weird because yesterday the weather in Florida was a lot colder than usual and there were tons of heavy thunderstorms and I could barely get out of the rain.