O’hare deicing pads

Hello airport editing team! O’hare has a good amount of deicing pads on the west side of the airport. Right now on infinite flight, the location is there but completely empty.

Where it’s located

Currently on infinite flight

Where it should be

i would try and send a message to @airportediting they can help with this

This work is did by the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team). They are a group of volunteers who edit the airports of infinite flight. They do not take requests and will do the airport when they want to. If you want you can join the team and edit the airport yourself. Check this!

Airport Editing Team doesn’t take in requests, therefore this cannot be made in to a feature request.

That is only really meant for applications.

Ok so how can i tell them about this?

@Delta419 ^

Charge your phone 😂 jk you just need to wait to any for IFAET sees it and dose something about it 😀

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Thank you for the report. Please note that the Airport Editing Team doesn’t add de-icing pads since these are often located on active taxiways that could be used by other pilots at any time. This could cause conflicts with pilots spawning into rolling traffic or jumping in line by spawning on the pads that are usually located close to the runway.