O’Hare Airport Spotting Part 3 | Miscellaneous

Welcome to the final edition of topics from my plane spotting adventure today! In this topic, I’ll be focusing on ground movements, and including one of my favorite and least favorite pictures I took today

So we don’t end on a bad note, I’ll be sharing this picture first. It’s unfortunate how many long haul planes are sitting on the ground, and especially that new livery and Star Alliance livery, but hopefully next summer, we won’t have the same sight as we do now

On a slightly better note, you can’t get more American than an American 787 tail with the Chicago skyline in the background!

A similar shot, but this time focusing on the LOT 787-9 that we got. For those of you who don’t know, Chicago and New York City are fighting for the top spot of the biggest concentration of Polaks outside of Poland’s borders!

And finally, my favorite shot of the day! This Qatar was pushing back to head to Doha (departure in part 2), and it was placed at the perfect spot for a beautiful shot with the Chicago skyline in the background!

Thank you all for the last time for viewing my topics from today’s spotting adventure. @ToasterStroodie, your destination will be on the left, and @Aviation3, your destination will be on your right. Thank you once again to @Moritz for helping me out with everything. I think today was a very successful day. Thanks all!


Thanks again for the directions 😂. I still can’t get over the last shot. What a picture!

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Beautiful skyline!!! Great shots @mkwiecek

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Thank you!

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The foreground building in the last one frustrates me to no end, but nice shots nonetheless.


It’d be kinda hard for me to tell the building to politely move over, but I get what you’re talking about. Thanks!

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If being polite doesn’t work, then be a bit more aggressive 😜


Shots are nice! With the Chicago skyline, looks awesome :)

Side Note: Moritz & Aviation3 are going to be bombed with notifications, lol.

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I know. Alex asked for it, and Moritz didn’t ask for it but he helped me get set up, so he can kinda saw the fruits of his labor

Nice shots Marcel! I love the skyline 🏙 :)

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Aight the skyline tho 😍

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Thanks, you two!

Some absolutely stunning pictures!! I really like the beautiful skyline background. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the compliments!


Absolutely blown away with all those Chicago skyline photos! Love seeing the city everyday!

Way to represent the Midwest! Keep up the good work 😁

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that skyline 🤩

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Awesome shots! That Qatar shot is wicked awesome! Keep the photos coming

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I’m glad you enjoyed these photos!

Well I guess it wasn’t a complete waste of my time to look at these pictures 😉

Nice job!

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