O’Hare Airport Breaks Ground for Multi-Billion Dollar Expansion

Image credit: NBC 5 Chicago

Last year, plans were drawn up for a massive expansion of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. This expansion is said to push O’Hare into the 21st century in terms of efficiency, infrastructure, and development. Expected to cost around US $8.5 billion, this expansion project is one of the biggest in the United States, and marks the beginning of a new O’Hare

The expansion project consists of multiple expansions to current facilities, as well as the destruction of some currently existing infrastructure:

  • Expansion of Terminal 5, which will increase the terminal’s size by about 350,000 square feet
  • destruction of the current terminal two building
  • destruction of the former 15/33 runway, which was turned into a taxiway after closure
  • planned expansion of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3
  • renovation of the iconic Hilton hotel outside Terminal 2

This plan brings a new frontier to passenger experience:

  • new baggage claim areas
  • new security screening process (yay!)
  • new customs and immigration process

The plan also consists of many new buildings rising up, consisting of:

  • a new global terminal, in place of the current Terminal 2
  • two new satellite concourses west of the current gate concourses, in place of many taxiways wrapping around the terminal and the former 15/33 runway
  • two new hotels built, one right on the north-eastern premises, and one just outside terminal 5
  • a sixth east-west heading runway

This project is expected to be completed by 2028, and will increase terminal area by 3.3 million square feet, increase gate capacity by 25%, and improve passenger experience. For a full simulation of the expansion, please refer to the video in the post by the Chicago Tribune, linked below

As a Chicagoan, I am very happy to see O’Hare move into the future. It’s a good airport, but with these expansions, the sky is the limit for how this can shape the face of Chicago to the world.


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Ouch, was hoping it would’ve been one of these designs:





Imma fly VFR in piper warrior to there because by time its finish I’m going to be out of collage and with my first pilot job lol

Ohhh, I see. Another A380 gate 🤔

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