O’Hare 9C/27C

Whenever I fly to O’Hare I notice that the taxiways more on the north of the airport are completely broken. I understand that that is because of the destruction of 4L/22R and the construction of 9C/27C, but that was completed nearly a year ago, and it would be nice to have the taxiways fixed and 9C/27C added. Would this be soon or is that on the back burner?

The new runway is not in the sim due to lack of updated imagery. ORD was reworked a while ago this year and the editor did not have any imagery source showing 9C/27C at the time.

Annnnd also the airport editing team is asked to refrain from reworking anything for the time being.

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Because of the 3D airports ?

Airport and Navigation editing have been stopped for the time being due to implementation changes in Infinite Flight.

That is all we know/can say at this time.


Oh ok. Thanks.

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