O Canada!

**1) Sunrise over the northern Pacific in route to Vancouver. Got some nice shots over Vancouver Island and Strait of Georgia. Ended up being almost a15 hour flight with the side and head winds. Had just 670lbs of fuel remaining once I got to the gate.

**2) ACA34 YSSY to CYVR, Training Server,



Great shots! Love the Air Canada 787😍

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It’s O Canada, not Oh Canada (if it’s the anthem you’re referring to), just to be pedantic 😉


Love the photos. But you used the 787😑 its the 777-200LR( for next time)

That’s what happens when you operate vehicles and rely on auto correct. No pun intended.

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I prefer wing flex and a lit up cockpit.

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Oh, the 787, I love that plane to no end, great shots!

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Canada is such a scenic fun place to fly! Nice pictures and hope you enjoyed your flight!

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i love the first one, nice pictures

First photo is great!!. keep it up

I like these a lot!