NZWN weather watch (50+ knot winds scheduled)

Winds in wellingtion are scheduled to pick up in next hour or so and over next 3 days be consistently gusting above 40 knots. Would reccomed trying out flying in this extreme weather.

I would of posted this here but sadly it’s closed.

Recommend Routes

NZAA - NZWN (320 Air NZ/jetstar)

If your wondering why wellingtion is quite often windy

As shown in the screenshot wind often funnels in between the south and north islands of New Zealand.


Ah yes, the storm of the month. Good luck flying here, you’ll need it


Nonono,you should fly at RJBB,RJGG,RJTT,and RJAA tomorrow. There’s the biggest typhoon in Japan for about 50 years. School said they might cancel,but that’s fine with me 😂


Wonder if that will cause any delays tonight, as it caused a bit of trouble at Queenstown last night! Both JQ223 and NZ625 had a couple of go around’s each before diverting to Christchurch. Was blowing a gale here in Wanaka at the time so I’d assume it would have been much worse in Queenstown with the Southerly crosswind!

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Yeah I’ve heard it can get pretty hectic in Queenstown sometimes.

I’ve been to Wellington a few times, during these I storms. I remember landing there, and the crosswind was so heavy that I, as a passenger, could see the runway in front of us. Great fun!


Ah, my soon to be home airport seems windy! I’m going to pop down there, it’s an absolutely beautiful airport!

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I had that once in Dusseldorf, it was scary for my classmates (we were on a school trip), but great fun for me. We were supposed to land on 23R but ended up landing on 23L becuase of the 27kt crosswind :)

That was awesome

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