NZQN Taxi Procedures (Queenstown)

Good tutorial, I also do taxiway at NZQN Airport feel a little inconvenient, because the taxiway lane is narrow, but the scenery is very cool. Yesterday flying from NZAA-NZQN

Really, they should’ve fixed this by now - just like they should’ve fixed the mountain at the end of the runway at La Guardia

Wouldn’t it be cool if the graphics looked like this is IF ^

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They have fixed it in new update we just have to wait

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When’s the new update coming - I’m waiting patiently for the Qantas 737


Have you ever seen anyone take off on RWY 14/32?

In real life yes - that is used for the GA aircraft who do not need a longer runway

Fun fact about runway 14/32:
This runway used to be a grass runway and was recently sealed in 2012 🙂


Thanks mate. I love how people are telling the community how to correctly use an airport that they are very familiar with.


Christchurch has emirates a380s land here all the time. On a quite regular basis actually.

The taxiway one really annoys me, I see a lot of heavies lines up on it 😐😒. Thanks for the post

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They have a daily A380 flight from Dubai, that connects through Sydney.

I had just took off from there, and I had a strange ATC situation there :)

an aircraft currently back taxiing RWY 5R, so I waited on the hold short line and wait for it to take off. But right after switching to tower frequency, tower then cleared me for take off, while the back taxiing aircraft still turning and for crying out loud tower asked me to expedite taking off :)

so I managed to rotate my aircraft at the very end of the F-ing runway, and leave so many WHY question in my head…

was that the proper way of taking off from there too?

oh by the way, it was in expert

Well this is certainly strange.
The answer to your question is no - if you were in an aircraft like an a320 then you shouldn’t have been cleared for takeoff there. In real life, you still need room to abort takeoffs and such and as you described, you took off at the very end of the runway. I think the controller just may have been overwhelmed as it is a hard airport to control. I am not one to decide how a person runs an airport so it would probably be a question for the controller himself.
Thanks for asking

I had an event held thee two weeks ago. In the discription i did mention that aircraft are to create a 12-15nm spacing between themselves on approach to NZQA and after landing back taxi on the runway.

I still had aircraft using the GA taxiway. It was so frustrating. And I’m not a Kiwi.

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This one didn’t get the NOTAM. And had a DH8D come blazing in at 150kts for RWY14. Fun times.

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It blows my mind that this even needs to be said…

You wouldn’t drive your car in a bicycle lane so why would you taxi your airliner on a GA taxiway?


I like this. More people need to understand the airport they’re using before they use it.


MaxSez: The Airport Development Team does a fine job. However, One area overlooked is that great “big empty data block” on the Field Chart Feature. Had the developers followed thru at Queenstown and noted restricted taxiways, back taxi required and the A/C size restriction this exceptional expanded scope 1time issue NOTAM would be unnecessary, unfortunately it will get buried with the chaff. Great Job @Josh, Well Done…



Never fly without your charts. Perfect example. Aside from obviously being too narrow without even needing to reference a chart, it clearly states what isn’t allowed on that taxiway.

Well, I often fly without charts but only when I know the airport well.


I have updated the thread (Made it a bit cleaner and updated pictures)
If you haven’t checked out Queenstown lately, they have updated the scenery too so it’s similar to real life now - thanks to the airport editing team.
Regulars feel free to add anything (its a wiki now)