NZQN Taxi Procedures (Queenstown)

Queenstown Airport is a lovely airport in southern New Zealand that has breathtaking views BUT, more often or not, this airport is used incorrectly by many people on IF. This post is simply a guide on how to correctly use this airport.

First off, let me get some stuff off my chest;

  1. The largest plane this airport can handle is an A321/B757. That means NO heavies.
  2. Secondly, whenever I control or visit this airport, majority of the people that come here taxi incorrectly. This is a sight I often see:

    This taxiway along the side of the runway is too small for airliners and is only used by small GA aircraft. So, you may be wondering - how are you meant to taxi to the runway then?
    I’d be happy to explain!

To correctly taxi to the runway, you taxi to the hold short line, and back taxi down the runway as so:

When approaching the end of the runway there is a circle where you can turnaround (this is the main reason larger heavies cannot visit this airport)
There are guide lines so it shouldn’t be too hard to turnaround

The same goes for when you are landing - you turnaround at this circle
And that’s pretty much it. Sounds easy enough right? Well it is!

That’s all for now - I hope this guide adds a little more realism to Infinite Flight and I have helped anyone who misunderstands operations at NZQN.

I also made a video for you ‘visual’ learners so make sure to check that out too!

To end off, my good friend @Panther has made a approach/departure guide to Queenstown so make sure to check that out too

Thanks for checking this out and have a great day


Thank god as a kiwi I’m glad this is made

I might make approach and departure guide


I am like the person on picture one sometimes :) I get lazy of back taxiing. I love the detail of the pictures and writing that goes with the picture… These “wrong taxiways” are indeed “not taxi ways” is what your saying (the short concrete line on the side of the runway?) Anyways, I enjoyed reading this, G’day


Great tutorial! I’ve been at Queenstown several times in IF where the controllers issue me to “taxi,” not “back taxi.” Much needed!


Cheers as a Kiwi, seeing the mistakes people make here taxing can get annoying. Much needed tutorial. Thanks


It makes me cringe so much it’s unmeasurable

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How do you request to taxi like that tho?

Wouldn’t you ghost us for entering the runway without permission?

No not at all.
What the controller should do is tell you to taxi to the runway, then switch you to tower. At which tower will then give you clearance to back taxi


This post isn’t just directed towards pilots, it’s directed to ATC’s too. One time I went and there was ATC, he told me to taxi, and I taxied to the hold short line, switched to tower and then asked me to switch back to ground and follow instructions. 🤷‍♂️

Was he expert atc? !

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It can really irritate me I actually rather no atc in nz apart from nzwn and nzch.

Due to issues at nzaa and complexity of NZQN controllers and atc mess up a lot and me trying to be realistic is bad as they think Im not following procedures but I am.


no, this instance it was on training but I can see why they would make the mistake if they’ve never known how to correctly use the airport

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Speaking of expert server, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ATC here on expert server… ever…

I believe IFATC have opened this airport awhile ago, as I intended to go to Queensland several months ago in Expert Server

Anyway, awesome tutorial. Unfortunately still, we can’t ghost people for taxiing through the small taxiway. As they may don’t know the real life procedures. But if I’m controlling there, I’ll make sure to my aircrafts to backtaxi instead of taxiing through the small taxiway. Thanks for the tips :)


If you ever control in nz do nzch or nzwn only until nzaa is fixed

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I have controlled NZAA thrice, but I always use 23L/05R runway which is the only active runway used in NZAA. Meanwhile, I use 23R/05L as a taxiway to backtrack to 23L. I always try to direct them there, but some ignored it and even attempted to takeoff from 23L

I think you mixed runways up in message i think you mean use 23L and 5R.

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I often control and NZWN on TS1

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I understand what you mean

This was a joke btw