NZQN (Queenstown) approach?

Hello, Want to fly the approach to Queenstown but I’m not sure how to do it, is the way points that if I follow directly I’ll take me down to the runway? If there is please tell me!!!

@MJhendo, this one’s for you ;)

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I used these charts the other day to fly into Queenstown!


I recommend checking out this lovely topic made by @Panther:


Having lived near Queenstown for my whole life, yes these are the commerical final approach routes used and you’ll be able to locate all these waypoints in the sim. Primarily 23 is used, but either direction is equally beautiful. For RNAV Z 23, tend to slow to 190kts around ATVUP and 170kts entering the Kawarau Valley after a right-hand turn. I’ve been lucky enough to fly in on this approach more than a dozen times IRL :)

Alternatively, if you are VFR, there are some other arrival routes as found here:

Full Queenstown arrival charts can be found here:

Any further questions give me a shout!


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