NZQN "Late Turn" approach, IF vs Real Life video!

Sometime after 19.1 about a week ago I attempted to practice landing into Queenstown airport for an upcoming group event. To my amazement I found an IRL video depicting what I did, so I decided to make this split-screen comparison of IF versus Real Life! (Hint, the real life pilot wins the race lol).

Airbus A320, Air New Zealand 1907 on TS.
Route: NZAA - NZQN

The video was done in a rush during work :p so it’s not perfect, and by no means attempts to tutor anyone be it in real life or in IF, but it’s there for your enjoyment of this great sim. Best watched using headphones so…enjoy!


Amazing video. Great job!

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Nice video! I’m pretty sure it’s not the same FPL though… you did the newer approach, but the real video shows an older approach for NZQN. Either way still nice

(What they do is a 180 turn.)

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Wow, thanks bro! And thank you for holding that challenging event in the first place, the video wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you, plus I learnt a lot more stuffs too. Loving the group flights and happy flying, cheers!

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Yup, spot on!