NZOH ATC assigining me runway too short for my aircraft

ATC is assigning me a runway that is not long enough for my aircraft and I can’t do anything… his name is IFATC BIF28

I believe you can request a runway change

Or go around

It is for take off

I’m flying a dash q-400

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how long is the runway

Make sure you’ve checked airport restrictions for your aircraft, IF has some shortcoming when assigning gates to aircraft size.

1801x89ft it is

Please contact @BIF28 for further clarification.


says aircraft size restriction in effect… so i cant fly the dash q-400 there?

Depends on the aircraft restrictions. Example, Lukla has restrictions for anything above the C208 (I think) and an airport like Jackson Hole is only able to accommodate up to a 737/A320

No idea. It’s probably to prevent an A380 from trying to land there.

Damn… if I overun he’s probably going to report me. If my aircraft was too big for the airport wouldn’t he send me a message warning me. I believe atc is able to do that

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what aircraft are you using?

Hi there!
@BIF28 is an IFATC apprentice right now and is new to it all, do give him feedback, as humans we are always learning :) In this case you should have requested a runway change and if said unable possibly diverted instead of over running!
Happy Flying :D
NOTE: how long was the other runway?

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He said a Dash Q

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Dash q-400. I took off on that short runway, overan, he sent “I’m sorry” (don’t know if it was for forgetting to clear me for takeoff or the short runway) message and that’s it.


If you knew it would be too short why would you proceed with the takeoff?

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Read my above post ^

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Because he insisted for everyone to take-off on that runway, had no choice and wanted to get out of the airport.

The other runway was 7999x141ft