NZMF terrain issues

As fun as it is trying to take off/land in a giant hole it would equally as nice to use this airport. Not sure if this would be under support but I’m unsure of what other topic would be correct.


Operating system:

If you search in topics for Milford Sound there are many discussions of this. Presumably this is caused by the terrain elevation rendering resolution being challenged by the degree of ruggedness of the actual terrain. So at the airport elevation, there is a resulting sharp discontinuity between the actual airport elevation and the graphic system interpolation of local terrain variation at the airport location.

It’s been stated the airport editing people don’t have control over this. My guess is, this likely will depend on future upgrades to the graphics engine.

btw, I visited there irl. The terrain is spectacularly steep! Flights in are often cancelled due to weather (as was ours).

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