NZMF Airport Graphics

I’ve tried to fly in and out of NZMF multiple times and the scenery is all glitched. Is this my phone or is this what it’s like for everyone? If it is, could you guys please fix it. Thank you!

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This is known and appears for everyone. The topography around the area is completely messed up, so the elevation and everything else to do with the airport itself is pretty much correct. However, this also means everything we can do to address it in a short time is already done, so the only course of action is to fix the numerous topography issues that exist globally, which is up to the development team, of which there are unfortunately no publicly stated plans to do that as far as we know.

Hope this gives some insight, and I hope you understand!


Yeah tried to fly there a month ago after watching a @Swiss video about it - somehow managed to climb out.

This is a well known issue.
Often reported.

Milford Sound is the sort of place where you really want the ground to be where it looks like it is! There’s not much room for things going wrong when you’re trying to land there…

I’ve read through the real world pilots guide and it’s not for the faint hearted… The most interesting part is when new pilots are advised that perhaps they might prefer a sightseeing flight over the Sound at a safe altitude.

I’m amazed that there’s so much commercial flying activity into there… I must be a scaredy cat, but I don’t think I’d be too comfortable with only a single engine anywhere around that whole area. I guess failures are almost not heard of now though.

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