NZIR Runway/Taxiway Issue

iPad Air (3rd Generation):
iOS 15.6.1:

I received a level one violation on 26NOV22 @ approx. 0720 UTC for attempting to takeoff runway 11 @ NZIR. It appears the runways are designated as taxiways and will not allow users to takeoff without receiving a violation for speeding on a taxiway. I assume this applies to landing as well but I did not attempt. I am unsure if other Antarctic airports are affected or not. I can provide a replay upon request, if needed. Thank you.


This is a known issue and will be fixed soon:

If you received a violation please PM @appeals


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The violation issued at NZIR has been removed, please restart your app for the change to take effect. The issue will be fixed soon as @Fourthnebula919 mentioned above :)