NZAA - WSSS Group flight @Captain_Ian {CANCELED}!

maybe we can leave this for another day and have a group flight from johannesburg to lgav or sum, (the active atc regions tomorrow)

Alrighty! I will be back at 10:25 to change the user to {SPAWNING Or Spawned} NO FURTHER CHANGE TO TOPIC NAME!

Is that what you all want to do?

maybe, idk🧍🏻‍♂️, in a turkish 777 from FAOR-LGAV


I’m currently at the end of an overnighter so can’t make it, sorry
Glad you took my advice though!

It’s Ok! 😉

I’m at Gate 10 😁

Something irl came up, I won’t be able to join, sorry

have a nice flight and happy langings 😃

Hiya, I would love too have joined, but I am heading to FIMP and then EGLL. So sorry. Enjoy your flight tho!

Didn’t see the cancelled 😂. Thought you’d just casually fallen out of the sky and decided to cruise 😜

Next time!

Next time, please make sure to use the correct title format found here, thanks. Best of luck with your future group flights!

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Well at least you wanted or tired to come. Although you would’ve been fairly late 😂

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