NZAA - WSSS Group flight @Captain_Ian {CANCELED}!

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    B777 -300ER (Air New Zealand All Black)

  • Route:
    NZAA - WSSS (ALL STARS/ Additional custom Waypoints may be included)

  • Time of Departure:
    11:00 PM New York time.

  • Server:
    Expert Servers

  • Additional Information:
    Mach Speed - 0.84
    Cruise Altitude - 33,000ft (Because of heavy Aircraft) MAX altitude will be 34,000ft. {1500 - 1800ft V/S during climb.
    Please don’t get to close to each other‼️ (5 - 10NM) apart is how close you can get!!!

Sleep is allowed once clear of any Potential conflict of other aircrafts and clear of Any Centers or Active Airspace’s.

I will not be using a separate device to Communicate so I will not be available during the flight.


Copy flight plan off of me as the host! I depart first and initiate pushback after I pass you once clear of other Aircrafts.

Spawn Time will be 10:30 and our Departure time is actually 11:00Pm.

Thank you for your Time and Patience! I will keep this TOPIC UPDATED ONCE WE SPAWN! After spawn I will close this Website and their will be no other Notices until flight has ended! 🙂


I’ll be there 🤝🤝

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Good to Hear! 😉

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I know ur the host, but can the departure time be a little bit more late? 😬

@FlightGT GT

11PM EST? well dang that 12 am for me

ill keep u posted though.

That’s why it’s called an Overnight 😉😂


Can you possibly make it?

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I’ll try my best to be there at 10:30

@Alec Wanna Join? 😉

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I don’t use Infinite Flight

ill try to.

I’m sorry 😣

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@Gtmkm98 Wanna join?

@LordNC Wanna Join?

Alrighty Everyone, I Hope to see you here! I will be gathering more information before this flight just to make sure about some things. NOTICE: PLEASE SET VIEWS TO SEE THE AWESOME SCENERY‼️ 😊

we are going to be using unicom right 😪

Maybe you can tag some IFATC’s so we can try to fly out of an active Airspace! 😁

that won’t work

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