A few months ago I was flying from Auckland to Madrid in the Airbus a350. I flew with 68 passengers and 11600kgs to reserve fuel, the total flight time was 23 hours and 45 minutes. I’ve used the step climb method in this flight.

Some information;

  1. Route: NZAA/ AKL🇳🇿 to LEMD/ MAD🇪🇸.

  2. Server: Expert server.

  3. Aircraft: Airbus A350-900.

  4. Livery: Iberia.

  5. Flight time: 23 hours and 45 minutes.

  6. Cruise speed: MACH 0.84.

  7. Cruise altitude: FL310 - FL330 - FL350 - FL370 - FL390 - FL410 - FL430.

Loading up for my longest flight 🇳🇿🇪🇸.

Departure from Auckland airport.


Cruising above Australia 🇦🇺.

Flying above Singapore during sunrise🌅🇸🇬.

Above afganistan🇦🇫.

Barcelona El Prat airport 🇪🇸.

Spain from 43000 feet.

Touchdown…… (-69fpm).


What was your favourite picture?


Oh wow I didn’t expect there to be longer flights than the one I did haha. I’ve done Auckland - London Heathrow which was about 21-22 hours. Back when I had the time to commit to 21 hour flights lol. But anyways Love the shots. Wishing you well on your future IF journeys!


Thank you! I did that flight too with an Crystal luxury air B77L, and I’ve made a topic about that flight too.
Wish you well too!

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Ah nice! I did that flight with both the A350 and 77W. Hope you had fun on your flight.

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Amazing route! I hope you had fun as well!

Landed with 19 minutes of fuel left🛬

Wonderful screenshots! I love the wing view of one of them!!

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Why do you always do long hauls lol

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Hahaha, most of my flights are long haul but tomorrow I will post a screenshot and videos topic about a medium haul or short haul flight if I have some time!

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Thanks! Nice to see.

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If someone has suggestions for a next screenshots and videos topic please let me know!

I did this one in the A339 and it took me just over 25 hours!! Nice flight :D

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Fly something in Patagonia, the scenery is stunning

(Not my pic)


Nice! Did you flew with passengers or cargo? I’m doing this flight again tomorrow.

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I had one passenger on board and max fuel, no cargo.

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I love all pictures ! Very great flight ! It’s beatiful

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didn’t realize this was a DuncanNL topic because of no KLM 777 profile picture…
Great screenshots!

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